A busy year ahead...

Morning all, I have been so busy lately, that I have neglected my site that my great friend has put up for me. Sorry about that. Let me see what I can tell you...

I can now proudly put one more subject on my web page of things I can do and offer. I went for a video production course and it was marvelous. I learned so much, I never knew I will enjoy video as much. I must say it makes watching TV and movies a whole lot different. After my course I went to paint the baby room. First time in my life I painted on vertical canvas, that was different, but I enjoyed it. But painting and drawing so big was something else. Yet I did it. And I must say it came out beautifully.

When I came home after the nursery was done I had to put a video together for my assignment. Boy, was that difficult... No, I'm not talking about the assignment itself being difficult, that was actually a breeze and very much fun to do. The thing that was difficult was having the right equipment to do the job. Did I have troubles with getting a computer up and running... Oh man that was a mission. I'll post that in another post. All I can say is I have a brand spanking new computer and it's a beaut....

Now I must use it to it's full potential and I can see a busy year ahead of me. With loads more classes and assignments and work to be done.

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