Back home

It's been nearly a week now that I have been back home and every morning I get up early and try and be productive, or creative without making too much noise. Like now, it is only 3am and I'm trying to catch up on my blogging while my sister still sleeps. Yesterday I loaded my photos on my tablet and the day before that I exported it from light room to the computer then from the computer to the hard drive. It sounds like nothing, I know, but it is very time consuming and frustrating I might add... 🙈😅

Now finally I can go through some of my photos and delete what is not worthy, reload and import what is and edit them to be exported again afterwards and posted to my web page and social medias... So much work and time for such a little thing, I have a huge respect for those that accomplish it on a daily basis... They must hardly ever sleep... 🤔😱😂

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