I started with a new project 2 weeks back, something that would've taken me only three maybe four days, and it took me more. Working on it all in all only took three days, which is not so bad, but I hate being busy with something and then have to leave it for a time and then go back, like watching paint dry... literally... 😅

Anyway, this was not a painting, it was a mosaic and boy was my back sore after working on it. I really need to start working at a table like a normal person... 🙈

The mosaic took me longer than usual, cause I had to go for a course to better myself in photography, will discuss that in a later blog, so that took a week away, I also ran out of tiles, so I had to go and buy some more. Luckily I could do that. It is very important to have enough before you start, I always have more tiles then what is needed, but my mother, my biggest critic and supporter, didn't like the color I would have used, so I took from my previous stock of what was left, luckily knowing I can go buy more if needed.

Finally it is finished... Well, not totally done, but I just need to grout it, which is another mission on its own... So that will be another story later on, but for now I am done... 😁


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