Having so much...

You know when you have so much to say yet nothing to talk about... Well I guess that's where I am now, I have so much to write, yet nothing to write about. I guess that's part of writers block, not that I'm a writer, thank goodness for that...😅

It is difficult to put things into words, much less write about it...

Two days ago my aunt came to visit again, her grandson's birthday is in 2 weeks and she wanted to paint something for him. I usually draw the pictures she wants and she paints them, but this time she drew it herself. I'm very proud of her for that. She started painting it then and came to finish it today. While she was here I taught her a few other creative things to do, like liquid painting and podge. We made some CD size coasters with the different techniques and while she was busy I did some mosaics, so we were busy. It was fun, I liked having things to do.

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